Group of the Fruit & Vegetables Producers „Grójecki Owoc” Ltd. is a newly established Group with wide traditions in gardening and trade. It embraces 16 members, who are using the gardening area of about 200 ha. The majority of the gardeners have the experience in being the deliverers to the nets of supermarkets and retail trade centers. 

The enterprise was established in Bikówek in the Grójec commune. The main sorting shops as well as storehouses are situated in Godzisz in the Sobolew commune. Our Group possesses the fruit warehouses for 8000 tons with the included logistic centre .

70 % of the storing facilities make the repositories with the ULO conditions. The logistic centre has a wide range of facilities and equipment for fruits storing, sorting and packaging.
All fruits are packed in compliance with the client’s wish.